The 57th Art International Exhibition G.B. Salvi

EXHIBITION, graphite on paper, 70X100cm, 2007, Mariarosaria Stigliano
EXHIBITION, graphite on paper, 70X100cm, 2007

20th July- 26th August 2007
Ex Pretura- Via Garibaldi, 18 Sassoferrato (Ancona- Italy)

Inauguration day: On Friday 20th July 2007, at 5.30 p. m.
Opening time: everyday, including holidays, from 5 p. m. to 9 p.m.

The Art International Exhibition G. B. Salvi is writing another chapter, the fifteenth in its long history. This new edition, that will open on 20th July 2007, presents itself as an high quality artistic event. The Salvi Exhibition keep intact in time some of its basic elements, like the internationality, the attention to the emerging values and the availability to highlight the contemporary art in the territory.

For such reasons, the exhibition continues to form, year after year, an important point of reference for artists and critics.

3rd section, “Presenze – Presences”

It goes along the way again of the ancient Premio Salvi: twenty-five artists, being of different age and with different artistic stories, take part with the exhibition with three works each.

The works in this section set up a check into the current tendencies, they represent a meaningful fragment in today’s art.

These are the artists in “Presences“: Claudio Boccolacci, Luigi Caflisch, Roberto Coda Zabetta, Roberto Dionisio, Ilaria Ferretti, Maria Cristiana Fioretti, Mikail Kerboas, Giuseppe Mariani, Angelita Mattioli, Salvador Montò, Gianni Moretti, Hisako Mori, Marco Paladini, Marco Perroni, Alessandro Petromilli, Paulis Postazs, Gisella Rossi, Vincenzo Sanfilippo, Patrizio Sanguigni, Mariarosaria Stigliano, Paulette Taecke, Walter Trecchi, Koos Van Keulen, Mario Vespasiani, Nicola Villa.