The Parable Yesterday Today And Tomorrow

Italy of the future: art satellite dishes

MEETING POINT, mixed technique on satellite dish, 2012, Parretti - Stigliano
MEETING POINT, mixed technique on satellite dish, 2012

Museum of Israeli Art Raman-Gan (TEL-AVIV) Israel
November 20 to December 11

The exhibition will be inaugurated by the new Ambassador of Italy in Israel Francesco Maria Talò, by Mrs Carmela Callea, director of the Italian Institute of Culture in Tel Aviv and by Mr. Meir Ahronson director of the Museum of Israeli Art Raman-Gan.

The Exhibition has been projected by Mr.Carmine Siniscalco, director of the Studio S Contemporary Art Gallery (Rome), for the Italian Institute of culture of Tel Aviv.

In show 16 artists who painted 15 parables, one of which is signed by the pair

Bruno Parretti / Mariarosaria Stigliano

to point out that today men and women have the same opportunities also in the field of communication.

Italian Institute of Culture Tel Aviv

Italy of the Future: ART SATELLITE DISHES is an exhibition curated by Carmine Siniscalco, Studio S – Arte Contemporanea, Rome. This exposition of television satellite dishes painted by Italian artists holds a double meaning.

While emphasizing the ever-increasing impact of communication in today’s world, it auspicates that urban landscapes in the future instead of being disfigured by a growing number of anonymous parables are enriched the colors and images that depict the Artists: An open-air art museum that is a symbol of freedom of expression.

Will be exhibited twenty of 12 Italian artists contemporary parables, and, given the double meaning that you can attribute to the term “parable” – what a useful tool for communication on the one hand and morality tale, an allegory on the other – each artist will accompany her parable with his short story illustrating his vision of the future world, a world increasingly ruled by the Communication and there is no privacy.