Where is Love?

Where is love? Exhibition in the spaces of the Lojelo Art gallery in Volterra from 14 February to 3 March 2024. Event curated by Karen Lojelo and Pedro Bessi. Mariarosaria Stigliano wins the Jury Prize "La grande bellezza" with the work "The dream of the dear".

Pinocchio and the Police

From Monday 5 February to Saturday 2 March 2024, the collective exhibition "Pinocchio and the Carabinieri" will be open in spaces of the San Giorgio Library in Pistoia. Exhibition curated by Filippo Lotti, […]

Carousel, solo exhibition

On Friday 12 May at 17:30, the Edarcom Europa gallery, in via Macedonia 12 in Rome, opens the Carousel exhibition by Mariarosaria Stigliano. The exhibition consists of about 30 works, mostly created in the last two years, and will be visible until 27 May.


Paviart is a modern and contemporary art fair open from 1 to 2 April 2023 in Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Pavia. Mariarosaria Stigliano exhibits with Vecchiato Arte gallery (Padua).

Declinazione Donna

"Declinazione Donna" is an all-female exhibition with the artists Mariarosaria Stigliano, Martina Di Trapani and Nadia Kuprina. From 21 March to 22 April 2023 in the spaces of Febo and Dafne gallery in Turin.