Vasto Prize 2010

invitation exhibition Vasto Prize 2010
Invitation exhibition Vasto Prize 2010

Also this year the Vasto Contemporary Art Prize, now in its 53rd edition, proposes a double exhibition itinerary dedicated to contemporary art active in our country.
The exhibition is entitled AER and the theme of the exhibition, extending the reflection on the four primitive elements started two years ago (we recall at the same time the proposals of Aqua in 2008 and Terra in 2009), is that of air, naturally understood in the literal sense and metaphorical.

Archaeological Museum, Palazzo d’Avalos, Vasto (CH)
July 17-August 8, 2010
Inauguration Saturday 17 July, 7.00 pm
Hours: 10.30 / 12.30 – 18.30 / 24.00
Curated by Daniela Madonna in collaboration with Bruno Scafetta.

Among the artists there is also Mariarosaria Stigliano who in her works makes the air the absolute protagonist, in a whirlwind that transmits its intrinsic dynamism to the ground.

AIR, graphite and oil on wood, 70x100cm, 2010, Mariarosaria Stigliano
AIR, graphite and oil on wood, 70x100cm, 2010