Urban shadows

RIDING HOOD AND HER WOLF, oil pigments and enamel on wood, 60x60cm, 2012, Mariarosaria Stigliano
RIDING HOOD AND HER WOLF, oil pigments and enamel on wood, 60x60cm, 2012

When we cross a place too fast, we forget about our own shadow. If we are lucky we can still find it there, in the evening, waiting for us or, as most of the times, it vanishes in the dark to born again at sunrise, day after day.

Shadows have more time than us, they can stay longer in the places we visit to discover them, live them, get to know the people we meet, touch them, pass them through.
Made of air and silence, they move at night through the alleys of deserted cities. A slow pace getting faster. They sneak off like thieves of light and puddles. The wind deletes their tracks while the rain fogs their contours and mixes their colours. In the absence of light, places look different: cities, stations, metropolitan squares turn into post apocalyptic sceneries where we can come to terms with our thoughts and meet again our shadows, once forgotten under the streetlights.
Mariarosaria Stigliano has trapped them, she has stopped their imperceptible and fast passage in her angst urban visions. Sensitive sceneries, landscapes deformed by the distracted indifference, the fast solitude, the emotional distance mankind reserves to his own soul. In her impressionistic snap-shots, as ‘blurry’ looks beyond the sight, Stigliano chases thoughts, traces routes of emotions, nervously transfers the vicissitudes of the body, the evolution of the spirit, the crossroads of the words, the passage of the ideas, the incessant overlapping of places and people, people and places, in the brave attempt to mislead Time and mend the distance between dark and light.

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