ARTE FIERA OFF in Bologna Italy

In the sphere “Arte Fiera Off” in Bologna, “Il filo di Arianna“, remarkable is the all in feminine exhibition created by Marco Testa.
In the event, that will take place in the famous tower of Prendiparte, “Lovers” and “Fuori dal coroMariarosaria Stigliano’ s works will be shown.

Vernissage: On 22th January 2009. at 6 p.m..
Tower of Prendiparte- Bologna- Via Sant’ Alò 7
22th – 26th January 2009 from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

LOVERS, mixed technique on cardboard, 110x300cm, 2009, Mariarosaria Stigliano
LOVERS, mixed technique on cardboard, 110x300cm, 2009

The offer is an all in feminine exhibition, where the thread that untie and ties each one of the “Ariadnes” is the Art: a fil rouge that guides into the labyrinth of the emotions and that sends us out of it more complex, more articulated and emotionally enriched.

As Theseus, thanks to a sign of love (Ariadne’s thread), freed himself from his own earthly bestiality (the Minotaur) and from the prison (the Labyrinth), as well thanks to the Art, the visitors will face up, living them, their own emotions, getting out of those mixed feelings which the contemporary society aims imprisoning and validating. A rereading of the myth of Theseus and Ariadne has led us, therefore, to interpret it not as a myth of abandon, but of liberation and of growth, because Ariadne herself succeeds in freeing from her own family compulsions, thank to the love for Theseus, helping the man with his freeing from a condition of captivity and slavery.

OUT OF THE CHORUS, oil pigments and enamel on canvas paper, 49x100 cm, 2008, Mariarosaria Stigliano
OUT OF THE CHORUS, oil pigments and enamel on canvas paper, 49×100 cm, 2008

The artists will be present in the exhibition and they will show their own works, each one of them with her own language, each one of them with her own emotion, anxiety and love at the same time, fear and happiness. Each one, therefore, with her own “thread” will give the opportunity of emotive redemption, because Art is a sign of love, of complicity; Art is fertile, it generates creativity, and in such way, as known first of all Woman create.

The choose of the expositive place is not a fortuitous event, the wonderful Tower of Prendiparte in Bologna (Italy), second for height after the “Torre degli Asinelli”, is not just a container but it’s protagonist in the exhibition. The fascination of his nine centuries from its built is still intact. The Tower’ s atmosphere is, in this way, a fundamental component: the harsh nature of the medieval impregnable fortress, make it become the central character of the myth, the new and the ancient Labyrinth.
As much as the Rocca Albornoz Tower in Narni (Italy), where the exhibition will continue its journey from the 7th February to the 1st March 2009.

Authors: Caruzzo Françoise, Ciuffetelli Caterina, Inzaina Tamara, Julius Kaiser & Kyrahm, Elisabetta Pizzichetti, Ivana Pulijic, Virginia Ryan, Roberta Ubaldi, Mariarosaria Stigliano.