Nature Metropolitane

SHOPS, oil on canvas 90x80cm, 2009, Mariarosaria Stigliano
SHOPS, oil on canvas 90x80cm, 2009

Sant’ Angelo Gallery in Biella presents the exhibition Nature Metropolitane (Metropolitan Natures), a route among Mariarosaria Stigliano’ s paintings and graphics. The event is created by Massimo Premoli and it involves the visitor in an interesting pursuit about the contemporary urban reality where the protagonist is the human scenery, the pulsating pace of a completely humanized environment and the impersonal “metropolitan natures” as a whole; a trip into the daily atmosphere of each of us.

The Vernissage will take place on
Saturday 28th February 2009, at 5 p.m.
The exhibition will remain open
from 28th February to 5th April 2009.
Sant’ Angelo Gallery – Corso del Piazzo 18, 13900, Biella (Italy). Opening time: from Thursday to Sunday from 3.30 p.m. to 7 p.m.


To define Mariarosaria Stigliano’ s graphics and works, I’ve borrowed the neologism “non-places” from the anthropologist Marc Augè: Mariarosaria’s work in fact, have as subject spaces with the prerogative to be not something which concern the identity or the relationship. I’m speaking, thinking about the exhibited works, with stations and airports, where a lot of people meet each other without the wish to come in contact, to set up an individual, human and spontaneous acquaintance with who is close to them, they just want quicken the transit in the non-places of their everyday life.

In her works- like frames of a film, in which a rapid movement of people has been blocked- Stigliano brings out the passage through the non-places, of a multitude of people characterized by a lone individualism; and the choice of a measured use of the colour from the artist, envelops these figures in that greyness which we can abstract to the loss of their personal roles, because they are stretched to continue existing just and exclusively as passengers. Passengers that, without distinctions, become users of non-places where everybody passes by but in which nobody lives.

Mariarosaria’s settings report the loss, from the man, of his belonging to a social group, like we are used to think it can happen in the anthropological places.
The spread of the non-places -motorways, shopping centre, nomad camps, means of transport- risks to erase quickly the existence of anthropological places, emphasizing the individualism and the loneliness of the man in our present.

Massimo Premoli